"True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are united" - Alexander von Humboldt

Friday, February 5, 2010

Just A Regular Day

I’m sure everyone will agree with me that our Wednesday’s and Thursday’s are beyond crazy. They are wicked long and drain the life right out of you. Because of this I don’t normally go to the gym on those days which is why when Friday’s comes I’m there for quite a while making up for lost time.
When I arrive I do a light stretch to get my legs loose and then I hop right on the elliptical. My cardio is the one aspect of my time at the gym that never changes. My first 5 minutes I use as a warm up and stick to a light to medium level after that I increase to a high intensity and I stay on that rate for another 35 minutes. Once I reach 40 minutes I then do a 5 minutes cool down.
Stretching is extremely important, especially after cardio, it prevents lactic acid build up and your muscles from locking later on. My stretch usually lasts about 15-20 minutes and I use a gym matte to cushion my body from the hard gym floor.
Now onto chest and back! Because of my accident last Christmas I was told to take 1 year off before I could workout my back again, so I have been starting out slow and working my way back to my original weight use. For my back I use lateral pulldown and back row machine and a seated bench press for my chest at 30 lbs. for 4 sets of 12 for all.
I finish my workout with abs. An abdominal workout can be done
so many different ways but I have found the using an ab crunch machine works the best. Like with other weight machines you get to choose your settings, this allows you to add intensity to your workout and I find you get better results. I place my weight setting at 60.5 lbs. and do at least 120 crunches
So there you have it, the Jamie Kreiner Full Body Workout, I hope that it provided some motivation for you to join me and start your exercise adventure.

"Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness." – Earl of Derby


  1. Wow I can tell that this blog is going to show my life. Maybe I can finally get the ABS i always wanted. I must admit its because I ate too much chocolate this past weekend and felt extremely guilty so I decieded to check out your blog for some advice. You sure did not disappoint. I feel inspired; I just might get a gym pass next month!
    Way to go; keep the posts coming, you are changing lives out here lol.

  2. I was wondering here if my friend Doreen finally got a gym pass this month...I think the most difficult thing is to go from talking about doing something, and really doing it. However, it is a good beginning when you start talking about it, and actually concretizing your thoughts. Nice blog and good tips. Keep your shape, Jamie!

  3. no Fatima i still havent gotten a gym pass. They only thing I got was more weight, sad.